Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Day with the Blitzkrieg Machines


By the last afternoon of the Indian summer, we decided to make a ride along the river with the "Blitzkrieg machines"... a small gang from Bayonne in the Basque country.

Pat and his small but fun homemade Bobber, Suzykee engined..., Hedi and the fantastic 1947 Knucklehead brought back in France for a fistful of Dollars...twenty five years ago, Phil Duke a kind of Marlon Brando replica with a wonderful T110 Triumph just period perfect ! the Young Steven a great surfer with a TR6 Triumph...he was my driver, Phil and the tiny toy TR5, and Bixente, the man behind "Bixente motos" with a road Rocket BSA scrambler .

Let's go for the Ride !



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