Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reader Ride. Ducati 250 Single Racebike.

Didn't get the owners name but he sent in the following info:

In answer to your request, here is some input of a bike I'm proud of. Once a basket case on a porch in CA, it was built into a show machine by Denny Berg. After 20 years of shows and setting in my office, it is now ready for its first track day 4/25. There will be an antique riding the antique. Fitted with a new front brake, good tires, improved steering, and with some goodies from Syd's in the engine, shes ready to go. I hope to add a fiberglass "jellymold" tank to her shortly.

Thanks!  And I'd love to see some pice from her race debut.  Should be a great day!

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