Monday, June 28, 2010

Ultra Rare Gillette Roadracer. Update #2

This is a direct copy of a post of a very unique bike from over on my 2-stroke biker blog. I found it interesting so I thought I'd put it up over here.

I've googled and really not found much. What is this cool little bike?

2nd update from a poster on ADV rider:
I remember seeing this bike in a magazine in the early 80s. As I recall the frame is from a Gilera and the engine is made from 3 Mobylette moped engines hence the name Gil/ette. The builder thought this was a great name as the Gilette shaving people had just brought out their 3 blade razor.

UPDATE: From the comments section, Andy in Melbourne writes in:

Hi, I met the bloke who built this bike in 1991 on the Isle of Man. It was late one night and I was staggering up the beachfront at Douglas and i almost stumbled onto this little Gem. I asked what it was and when he said a Gillette 150 I was most amazed. in 30 years of riding I had not heard of a Gillette, but that was because this is the only one ever built by this man, whos name from memory was Dave Gillette. He made the crankcases and the 3 cylinders and heads are the power heads from chainsaws from memory and so 3 X 50cc. =150cc. It was as pretty in the flesh ( what I could see , it was Very late) and I have never forgotten. what a great treat to se this amazing little bike again
Andy in Melbourne

Thank You sir for the heads up. I was really stumped on this one. Great Stuff!

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