Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reader Ride. A Portland Oregon Custom Cafe.

Phil Writes in:

  My name is Phil G. and i live in Portland Or. I would like to share some pics of my 71 cb750. This has been my project for the last 2 1/2 years. I would like to sit here and tell you that i did it all myself but i have to give credit were credit is due. While the over all concept and design of the bike was all me there are a few very important elements to it that would not have been possible without help from some very talented friends of mine so i have to say thanks to Sam Hill for welding the custom oil tank and the 5" stretch into the fuel tank, and to Sean Smith for laying down the beautiful black paint, Paul Burdette for the stage 3 port job and general engine building help, Ginger Mccabe of New Church Customs for the seat pad, and to Deon Staffelbach for the awesome photography,other than that i pretty much did everything myself.
  here is a list of mods and custom parts
     engine bored out to 850
     stage three ported head
     super flow valves
     webcam 63a grind
     cyclex super rods
     balanced and lightened crank and rotor
     under cut tranny
     all new bearings and chains inside
     cr 29 carbs
     custom aluminum oil tank
     stock fuel tank stretched 5" with knee dents
     custom rear sets (modeled after dunstall rear sets from the 70's)
     custom s.s. muffler
          Anyway, thanks for looking

 My pleasure Phil.  Thanks for sharing!

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